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Dearest Divine - our lovely daughter, It’s been 10yrs of great joy, peace, love and much more.... Your warm and infectious smile is a true reflection of your beautiful heart. The hand of God is mightily upon you and that can only increase. Your zeal and love for Jesus is amazing; keep it up darling. We love you loads. HAPPY BIRTHDAY & much blessings! Dad & Mum

Dearest Divine - our lovely Dearest Divine - our lovely
Dcn Neye Sowunmi


Happy Birthday lady Divine

Pastor Ifeoma Onubogu


Wow Divine is 10. Happy birthday. Glorious years are ahead. Lots of love.

Pst. Franka


Happy birthday dear Divine. Keep growing in His grace.

Saint Joy


Happy birthday Divine. I love you. You are growing in grace and in the wisdom of God. God bless you ❤❤



Happy birthday Divine

Oshinaike Kayode


Happy birthday divine



Happy birthday dearest Divine Obi. Thank you for being a blessing.

Maame Asabea Coleman


Happy happy birthday to you. Continue to burn and shine like the star you are! God bless you. Love Grandma D and auntie Maame❤❤💝💝❤❤



Happy birthday Divine 🎂

Pastor Barbara


Happy birthday Sweet and lovely princess Divine. Your light shines everywhere. Keep shining 🎉🎉🎉🎉. We love you. 💖 Cheers🍷

Michael Ogbaa


Congratulations Sir. Happy Birthday and best wishes Divine!

Temple nation reminded us of the need to speak in tongues in his lovely Song - Speak in tongues, and then “What’s up? Jesus!!!!” #ceyola #nnez1 #gfmc19

Jesus is Alive. The tomb is empty! Happy Easter Celebrations Dear Customers. Come celebrate Easter with your family, friends and loved ones at Kobis.

He is Risen.

Happy birthday Ma! Thank you for the many blessings you are to us. Thank you for being soooooo sweet, kind, helpful and honest. I love you Ma. Enjoy your beautiful day!😍😍😍😍😍

Easter Sunday, April 21st, 2019♡. Happy Easter♡.

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