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The Ushering Dept. at The Glory of His Presence. 💃💃💃💃💃 #TGOHP #CEHOUSTON #TXZN1&2 #PASTORMIKEWIGGLE #MUSICCONCERT

The Ushering Dept. at The The Ushering Dept. at The The Ushering Dept. at The The Ushering Dept. at The The Ushering Dept. at The
Dcness Tessy Ogboghodo


You guys rock

Dcness Tessy Ogboghodo


Wao l love our dynamic ushers.😘😘

Our celebration of Easter is our celebration of Christ, our PASSOVER! Jesus was sacrificed for us so that we could live as the unleavened lump: new men in Christ, born of the Spirit of Truth & Life! He is the Living Word; the unleavened bread of Sincerity & Truth. HAPPY EASTER!

Bro. Joe Praize, thank you for making us dance like never before.

Creek Haven Group, Bayelsa Rhapathon 1st Partners Conference and Home Coming Service 2019 at CE Nembe City ~~The Awards ~~The Rhapsody and Partnership Strategic Sessions ~~The LMAM presentations and ministrations ~~The Raffle Draw #Creekhavengroup #Cebayelsa #Nsszone1 #Tlb

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#Tgohp Messages by our Esteemed Zonal Pastor Mike Wiggle was the icing on the cake as he took special time to exhort the congregants on their inheritance in Christ and the need to lay aside every weight. 1st Peter 2:3 #Texaszone1 #Texaszone2



Hangout with Da STARS!!! #Radical4christ #TGOHPCAN #CECALGARYGROUP

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. Thank you for all these years that you have led us in the Haven Nation Zone E2, and taight us the vision of the Haven

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