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📸🇺🇸 “How am I going to pay my car note? Come up! That’s small talk! Who can I give a car to?? How will I pay my rent/ mortgage? Small talk! Who can I give a house to?” Come up! - Pastor Aloy 📸 From the 3 series Total Experience in California: Highlights from Sunday’s meeting at CE Los Angeles! Pastor Aloy took us through a discovery of the 7 facts of the Higher Life! An atmosphere of faith, healing, direction, instruction, and the impartation of gifts! Truly, a total experience. It’s a new day for the CE LA & the gospel spreads like never before. Congrats, Pastor Stephen & CE LA! Here are some salient nuggets from Pastor Aloy’s ministration: 🇺🇸Don’t live on the information that is no longer current for your kind of person. Renew your mind! 🇺🇸Everything you have belongs to God. 🇺🇸Many of the things we have you can’t see with your eyes. 🇺🇸Don’t live in the realm of seeing is believing. 🇺🇸I’m connected to an endless supply 🇺🇸The world belongs to you- can you carry it!? 🇺🇸If God gives you a business, will you run it down or take care of it? 🇺🇸You cannot be an employer of labor until you realize you have value. There’s something in you this world is waiting for. 🇺🇸How am I going to pay my car note? That’s small talk! Who can I give a car to? How will I pay my mortgage? Small talk! Who can I give a house to? 🇺🇸Don’t think small thoughts. If your ideas are too small, maybe you don’t need God! 🇺🇸 I’m a representation of God upon this earth- nothing is impossible unto me. 🇺🇸 How can they fight what they cannot see? I’m a spirit!!!! I have overcome them. 🇺🇸Before the lord shows a thing, he’s done it! Go on PCDL! The 7 facts of the higher life are there! Hallelujah! #USAVZ1 #USAREGION1

📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going 📸🇺🇸 “How am I going
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Amen! Glory! Hallelujah!

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Mega, maximised with the maximum load of God! MTC seriously on my mind! #MegaTeensConference #MTC2019 #CELZ1ROCKS #CECAMPGROUND #CEArepo

Negativity is a counterfeit to positivity. #GUYS Moving forward Making progress Holy ghost drive Postive vibe.

Super Sunday here we come!!! Yay #supersundaychester2019 #UKZONE1 #RORRUK2019

Thank You Sir! #2DOG #ceenugu1 #sevz1

Mega Teens Conference! #MegaTeensConference #MTC2019 #CELZ1ROCKS #CECAMPGROUND #CEArepo

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Kinging Kings!! #MegaTeensConference #MTC2019 #CELZ1ROCKS #CECAMPGROUND #CEArepo

Yay! I am excited #megateensconference #mtc2019 #celz1rocks #cecampground #cearepo

Teens conference is here, Glory!! #megateensconference #mtc2019 #celz1rocks #cecampground #cearepo

RHAPATHON DAY 4 .... We are up Live on all our social media platforms! The Esteemed Pastor Sarah Wealth Obiazi welcomed everyone to tonight's episode of RHAPATHON, reading 1Cor 1:14 she urged everyone to answer the call of God tonight and do all expected of us. Also reading from Luke 5:1 she encouraged everyone to become a partner and expect miracles! Stay connected for more highlights! #warriministrycentre #wmcrhapathon #cewarridsc

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