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DONATION OF STANDARD FOOTBALL GOALPOST (INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE) - NIGERIA It was indeed a historic event for the youth and people of Oghede community, Benin city, Edo state. For the first time, since the inception of the school, they received a standard football goalpost. It is worthy to note that this field serves both the school and the community, with well over 500 youths in this community. “We noticed the lack of basic sports facility, which will help in the development and mentoring of young talents, as well as reduce the crime rate amongst these young people.” With this in mind, the 2018 Future Africa Leaders Awards nominee, Godwin Effiong, a 21-year- old 300-level undergraduate microbiology student from the University of Benin, embarked on this project to help bring sustainable development to the community. “With this, we’ve been able to address a challenge that has protracted for 39 years, since the inception of the school in 1980.” On the 21st of March 2019, this goalpost was donated/commissioned for use with a novelty match between the host school and a neighboring school in the community for the first time. The representing team for the host school wore their new jerseys for the first time. With this act of service, Godwin Effiong has initiated an innovative approach that will kick-start an improvement in the sporting sector, through this infant but impactful industrial and infrastructural development, as per addressing the SDG 9 (INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE). “Indeed, a need has been met and it is our sincere hope that some of the best world players will emerge from this community.” – GODWIN EFFIONG #GIAIMPACT #FALA #FALF #GIA-SDGS #IMPACTAFRICA

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Congratulations Bro Godwin, keep winning

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Wow , rémarkable

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prosper okundaye obhiozele



Southwest Region Celebrates A Luminary. The highly esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan! We celebrate the Special Graces of God upon your life. We celebrate the Wisdom of God that you exude. We celebrate your exploits in Ministry and the body of Christ as a whole. We celebrate your Passion for The Gospel fueled by your love for The Master. We celebrate your Commitment to, & ardent followership of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. Thank you for the many Sons of Consolation you have raised for the Man of God Pastor Chris. You are a true example of The LW Exceptionalism, Expansionism & Perfectionism. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR MA WE LOVE YOU DEARLY!

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Celebrating my Amazing Mum. Thanks a multimillion for loving me and my family specially and for your love, loyalty and commitment to our Man of God, the Loveworld Nation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are a gift and a blessing to us all. Happy birthday. I love you maximum

A special HBD to a juggernaut, a colossus, a mighty woman of valour, a woman of unflinching faith; as one wo(man) conquering all the Philstines of today; A phenomenal, a woman of great stature, winning where other men failed! U are an inspiration & role model! Love❤🤗 u dearly Ma

CELEBRATING THE WORLD'S BEST AUTHOR!!! #pastorchrisworldsno1author #fiestaoflights #TNIcelebratespastorchris

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Happy birthday my dearest pastor maa, I join the host of heaven and the saints here on Earth to celebrate you today, thank you for your impact in my life and family. I love dearly.

What a privilege to be taught and tutored by you, my Highly Esteemed Zonal and Regional pastor, mum and coach. I can't celebrate you enough.

Happy birthday pastor ma,thank you so much for loving me dearly and enriching me with God's word

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