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Have the consciousness that you’re a God-carrying vessel, and you live in His presence every day. This is what it means to be in Christ.

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#PSDmwenyewe #PSDsonofPastorChris

Happyyyyy Birthdayyyyyy Bro Amador🎂🎉🎂🎉 wow if you look for someone passionate for the gospel He is one of them.I thank God for your life Sir. Thank you for training Sis Jennifer🙂 You are a miracle worker Keep shining brighter and brighter #CESCARBOROUGH #CESCARBOROUGHGROUP

#blwtooting #ukzone2 The fourth instruction (v17) is *don't stay in the plain* - go where God has sent you

Just 4 days away!!! #RB2D #Groupd #BLWUKZONEB

“Your country depends on you; it’s you or you,” Pastor Chris says to delegates at Easter Youth Camp. Get the full story on LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/caw39

#PSDmwenyewe #PSDsonofPastorChris

#PSDmwenyewe #PSDsonofPastorChris

#PSDmwenyewe #PSDsonofPastorChris

🔷HAPPY FLOURISHING BIRTHDAY PASTOR🎈 I join millions around d world to celebrate a unique man of Excellence, full of Love & full of GOD. An astute administrator, an organizer, a trainer, teacher, coach, a caring friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR😍💙🎂🥮🍾🥈🍷💚

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