Uchenna Nwokenna: Dear Pst Sir, Your teachings on KingsChat Web

Dear Pst Sir, Your teachings have shaped the reality of God's word in our lives. Quote: " Oh there is capacity in U, that's why you need to continually update and upgrade to see". Thank U for being the vessel ! Happy Birthday- Pst Sir . #PSDsonofPastorChris

Dear Pst Sir, Your teachings
Roland Zion


Happy Birthday Pastor Sir

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I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and [that] they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,) #PSDsonofPastorChris #PSDfromDSP


Nigel: Happy Birthday My precious Dad and Man of God! Its It's always a joy to celebrate you - an icon of God's glory and grace. You are an invaluable and priceless gift from God. A magnate of great and audacious Faith. You are grace personified, indomitable and indefatigable, with a perspicaciousness and acute insightfulness only peculiar with a King like you. I thank the Lord for you even as I write for who you are to me and my sisters. A great Dad full of the Holy Spirit and Faith. I love you so much Dad and I'm grateful to you for gifting me with the greatest gift of all. The gift of the truth and blessings of the gospel; the gift of the Word. Nothing compares to this. I love you so much Dad. The Lord perfects all that concerns you; you will fulfill God's perfect will Dad, I love you always. Natasha: Happy Birthday daddy I’m so thankful for you and all that you are. You are the answer to the cry of many, a solution provided, an expression of God’s love to those around you. I’m so happy that God gave me such a ‘funny’, caring Father. You are an inspiration to me and to countless others. Your tenacity for the work of the Lord is beyond admirable, you constantly prove to me that there are no limitations. The only limitations that exist are the ones that we see. I love you so much daddy. Happy Birthday. Tanya: Happy Birthday to my Father, my role model, a trailblazer for Christ and my best friend. Thank you for your continuous love, care, guidance through the years, for raising me with the Word. Your rugged faith, humility and passion for the gospel is so inspiring and dynamic. I thank God for the blessing that you are not only to me, but to countless others around the world. Thank you for answering the call, and follow our man of God. Thank you for being the best you there is. It’s a whole new level of glory and blessings for you, with a greater increase in grace and favour. Happy Birthday daddy, I love you. God bless you, Tanya. #psdsonofpastorchris #04025

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Happy birthday dearest pastor and mother. Thank you pastor ma for imparting me. I love you dearly.

MCC4C..The day things changed! #MCC4C #MegaCampusCrusades #BLWUKZoneA

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