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Happy Wedding Anniversary to a most honorable couple. Grace and peace are continually being multiplied unto you. Your home will always blossom, your days will always be blissful and your treasures will always overflow. Congratulations, we love you.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to a
Mike Ben


Happy Wedding Anniversary to you Esteemed Pastor Chidi and your beloved wife. From glory to glory the Lord is taking you. Congratulations!!!

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Will I stop πŸ˜‰ nahin nahin. Celebrating my dearest Mama😘. #dauntlesspyk #celebratingpykaniconoflights

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Pastors sir/ma . Your pattern of togetherness in ministry is inspiring . More Blissful years ahead .We love u.

DIVINE HEALTH REALITIES-MAY 2 2019 Divinity is tabernacle in my physical body! I’m a new creation, not subject to the elements of this world. Divinity flows in every part of my body. I reign over sickness, disease, poverty and lack! I’m superior to Satan. Glory to God! #Lights

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