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Happy Africa Day! Each year on May 25, the continent celebrates Africa Day. Just how to celebrate the day is open to broad interpretations; In Zimbabwe, May 25 is a public holiday, while on Senegal’s former slave port, “Goree Island” a new movement dubbed “Africans Rising” is being launched to reclaim peace, dignity and justice for Africans on the continent and in diaspora. Elsewhere, there are concerts and ceremonies to mark the day. Africa Day is also celebrated by Africans abroad, as diaspora communities of different nationalities come together in cultural attires and swap traditional recipes. But for us (Future Africa Leaders Foundation) FALF ambassadors and GIA participants all across Africa, we see this as an opportunity to establish a sustainable impact, creating a sense of purpose and involving other millions of African youth in engaging community development. In commemoration of the Africa Day, several projects, acts of humanitarian services are carried out to help transform the state of Africa and Africans. #FALFIMPACTAFRICA #FALFAFRICADAY #25THMAYEVOLUTIONAFRICA

Happy Africa Day! Each year

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