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Back to school with the Inner city missions and CE Lagos Zone 2 in Jamaica!!

Back to school with the Back to school with the Back to school with the

Xie2 ni rang wo ai siang ni.xie2 ni rang wo chien thau ni.

Reception for some first timers and new converts held in honour of an evening with Jesus attendees at cc2 church, CEPH zone 3. They were introduced to the ministry and filled with the Holy Ghost. They all spoke in tongues of the spirit. Hallelujah

Happy luminous birthday Daddy...I love you X Xtra large and deeper deeper and deeper you're a city set on a hill...whooooa!

We are growing and the word works.

Follow the News as it Unfolds Right to information; now a law in Ghana https://loveworldnews.org/s/qsVw614358 Details via above link.

Updated her profile photo


Follow the News as it Unfolds Somali herder wins case against former military commander & awarded $1.5million damages after 32 years https://loveworldnews.org/s/U237763164 Details via above link.

What a service! I am working out my own salvation. Thank you so much sir for blessing us today in UK zone 2. #WE ARE ALIVE #CENTRAL CHURCH #UKZONE2

CE ABUJA ZONE VISITS DUKPA PRISON IN GWAGWALADA ABUJA Most men and women in prison are there for a reason: Some did the crime, some did not and they are all doing the time. Many of the inmates have seen hell on earth and taken an honest look at their lives, crying out to God for mercy. And God always rich in mercy is ready to give it. BUT THROUGH WHO?????? IF WE DON'T VISIT THEM HOW WOULD THEY HEAR HIS WORD AND RECEIVE HIS MERCY THROUGH SALVATION? AT TIMES LIKE THIS, CE ABUJA ZONE ALWAYS SHOWS UP!!! #abujazone #ceaz

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