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A mighty man of valour #PNA2705

A mighty man of valour

#lagoszone2 #Granteddesire #cefesrac1

My Pastor is a visionary leader. #PNA2705

Short excerpt from #SundayService with Pastor Mary Owase. " Let your life count for the kingdom. Don't say to yourself "I'm very busy" and dont have time for the gospel...A busy person is ideal for God's work as he can be trusted with the responsibilities of God. In your busy schedule make time. The kingdom is the number 1 job God has given us. Every other responsibility should be secondary to this." #Cemidwestzone #SundayservicewithPstMary #Cebowen

HAPPENING NOW LIVE IN CE CALGARY GROUP CHURCH!!! The teens ministry ministers to the lord in dance and excitement rends the air as they minister. The congregation shouts in jubilation and applaud the Light ministers! #GOE #CECALGARYGROUP #CECALGARYNE

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15mins to go! The final session of the Light Up Your World Conference starts shortly! Showing LIVE on Loveworld Networks Platform via Satellite & online. If you haven't registered, kindly visit

Happy birthday to my pastor #PNA2705

Happy Birthday Bro Aye Obode! A burning & your light you are! Thank you for being a blessing to us in Manchester & beyond! You're blessed & highly favoured of God! Of your increase in relevance, influence & affluence, there shall be no end! #LoveworldUKZone4 #LoveworldManchester

God's General Loading .... #PNA2705

Children's day celebration #CeAccraGhanaZone #CeTaifa

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