Aham Fortunate: Yeahhhhhh thank you pastor Sir on KingsChat Web

Yeahhhhhh thank you pastor Sir for leading us & we're glad we followed Sir... Of your increase there shall be no end Sir...We love you pastor Sir and I love you personally Sir... Thank you Sir... God bless you mightily pastor Sir!!!!!! #EXCEPTIONALPSUCCESS #PSO2 #BLWZONEI

Yeahhhhhh thank you pastor Sir

Happening now - Messenger Angel being read in trains, buses, and trams all across the city of Berlin as the RoR Commemorative Campaign continues. #WEZ4 #ROGER2019 #CEGermany #RORInGermany #ROGERCOMM #CEBerlinCentral

Updated her profile photo

Congratulations Pastor Kendy. It's a new level#2PKendy6

June! The Month Of Iron sharpeneth Iron Blunt or sharp Iron, it's makes no difference. All that matters is to first become an Iron without mixture of any substance, before you're qualified to sharpened another Iron. #WISDOM / REVELATION KNOWLEDGE Ecc10:10/Ehp1:18AMPC

The GLOBAL SERVICE with Pastor Chris June Edition Comes Up Today and it will be Live #OnAllLoveworldRadioNetworks & #OnAllLoveworldTVNetworks To Participate Download CeTunes Mobile App & CLoveworld from Google Play Store with D Reference Code 👉SWEET

The much-heralded Pastor Chris Live Pray-A-Thon kicks off tomorrow!!! Get ready for a supercharged month of prayer, as we pray daily all through this month of June.  Keep tabs on the 'Pastor Chris Live' superuser account for more updates, and also contact your Church for information on the prayer schedule. Be a part of this special opportunity to cause changes all around the world. Spread the word! #PCLprayathon2019 #prayingwithPastorChris #PastorChrisLive

It's here!!! #CELZ5didit #Grace #1MillionROR

FEW HOURS TO GO!! Join us on Loveworld Radio Networks today from 5:PM GMT +1 for the June edition of the Global Service with Pastor Chris multiple languages. To participate, simply click on www.cetunes.org OR download the cetunes mobile app from the google play store. Don't miss it for anything!

CELEBRATING A LUMINARY... Happy Birthday Dear Esteemed Brother Paul Idogun We love and appreciate you dearly. #CEPHZONE3

Photo speaks - See how people are enjoying the Messenger Angel as they journey on trains, buses, and trams across the beautiful city of Berlin. We’re spreading the word with the RoR Commemorative Campaign. #WEZ4 #ROGER2019 #CEGermany #RORInGermany #ROGERCOMM #CEBerlinCentral

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