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HBD great daughter of God. It is a journey of continuous growth and progress. A new year, a new level of effectiveness and greater influence. Congratulations. We love you greatly.

HBD great daughter of God.
Daisy Alorka


Happy birthday Ma

Light! Supreme! Great leader! An authority. Our mother; the super woman! Every time I think of you they are only thoughts of admiration because you're so excellent! Your life speaks volumes as you shine always! I love you. ,😘💯❤️ Happy birthday Dcns Akunna🎊🎉🎂🎈 #dspukzone3 🔝

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Leading a soul to Christ. He was just so receptive. He joyfully gave his heart to Christ and he said I will visit your church this Sunday. Jesus is so wonderful ùj #WEZ4 #ROGER2019 #CEGermany #RORInGermany #ROGERCOMM #CEBerlinCentral

Happy birthday dear Dcns Joy ..of the most high God. Ever cheerful and ready to Go.thank you for your labour of love and behind the scenes services to God's people .We love and appreciate you biiig !💕

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