Smylieify: It’s a golden jubilee celebration on KingsChat Web

It’s a golden jubilee celebration Click to send greetings

It’s a golden jubilee celebration

It's a golden jubilee celebration Click to send greetings

The Word@Work train hits the city of Port Harcourt next as The Haven Zone D1 hosts the esteemed Ag. President of The Haven Nation. It's time to be upgraded. Hallelujah!!!! #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZoneD1 #wordatwork

Credit direct investment, la vitta ricca investment, etc are fraudsters oooooo, plzzzzzzzzz ruuuuuun. Tell others too and make sure you don't fall victim. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen to Loveworld Radio programs in different Languages on Cetunes Download Cetunes Mobile app from the link Below Add a reference code :Olla

Join us by 3:15pm GMT+1 as we celebrate our HERO OF FAITH...Today. We're celebrating the Highly Esteemed Pastor Taiwo Dara on Or download the Loveworld Radio app on playstore using code - 143276

It’s a golden jubilee celebration!!! Join us today on @ 3:15pm GMT+1 for the celebration

#eveningofthanksgiving One Night, global impact

Happy Birthday Highly esteemed Deacon Felix Ehigie

June - The Month of Prayer.... Enlarge your barns! Get ready for a windfall of the miracleous . When we pray, we shift things in the realm of the spirit and impose the divine will of God, on life circumstances

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