Anwuli Akogo: Join us by 3:15pm GMT+1 on KingsChat Web

Join us by 3:15pm GMT+1 as we celebrate our HERO OF FAITH...Today. We're celebrating the Highly Esteemed Pastor Taiwo Dara on Or download the Loveworld Radio app on playstore using code - 143276

Join us by 3:15pm GMT+1 Join us by 3:15pm GMT+1 Join us by 3:15pm GMT+1

It’s a golden jubilee celebration Click to send greetings

It's a golden jubilee celebration Click to send greetings

The Word@Work train hits the city of Port Harcourt next as The Haven Zone D1 hosts the esteemed Ag. President of The Haven Nation. It's time to be upgraded. Hallelujah!!!! #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZoneD1 #wordatwork

Credit direct investment, la vitta ricca investment, etc are fraudsters oooooo, plzzzzzzzzz ruuuuuun. Tell others too and make sure you don't fall victim. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a golden jubilee celebration!!! Join us today on @ 3:15pm GMT+1 for the celebration

#eveningofthanksgiving One Night, global impact

Happy Birthday Highly esteemed Deacon Felix Ehigie

June - The Month of Prayer.... Enlarge your barns! Get ready for a windfall of the miracleous . When we pray, we shift things in the realm of the spirit and impose the divine will of God, on life circumstances

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Nosa Eribo. You are truly a Beacon of Light, and your light shines everywhere. Thank you for your inspiring commitment to the work of the ministry in Ethiopia, and for all you do for the gospel. We love and appreciate you dearly.

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