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HAPPENING NOW! Celebrating the NUMBER 1 DAILY DEVOTIONAL #RORRUK2019 #UKZone1 #LoveworldThamesmead

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Taking the Rhapsody of Realities to Pride Coventry. Sharing the real love of Jesus Christ. #JesusTheRealLove


+×÷ PCDL PASTOR CHRIS ÷×+ •▪︎ WHO IS JESUS? ▪︎• ◇•▪︎●◇♡◇♡◇●▪︎•◇ https://pcdl.co/media_albums/5c7bec0073312e55b7766d00

Happening now at zone E with the Esteemed Deaconess Ebiye George. Awesome Ministration #ZoneE #DayOfBlissSpecial #CeBayelsaCellMinistry #TLB #CeBayelsa #NSSZone1

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Happening now! Our highly esteemed zonal pastor fully dressed in the union jack colours. We’re using this unique opportunity to make Jesus known in our world. Stay tuned for more updates! #RORRUK2019 #GodSaveTheQueen #LWUKZ4


🔥BAYELSA TEENS FIRE CONFERENCE WITH THE LIGHT OF BAYELSA (#TLB)! 🌠Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Obi Umeasiegbu (#TLB) ministering God's Word to the mammoth crowd of young people in the auditorium. Pastor shared very strong profound truths with the teenagers from God's Word, truths to live by. > Acts 20:32 > Luke 2:41 > Colossians 1:26-27 > John 3:3 📍As young people, you have to learn to stand up for God in your generation, and when you do, you will begin to ask the right questions. 📍Christ in you is the hope of Glory! 📍Great men and women don't get into cultism. 📍Those in cultism are looking for something; they want to fill the vacuum in their hearts, but that vacuum can only be filled by God. 📍The happiness and joy you desire is not in the lifestyle you are living but in Christ. 📍When you find Christ, you find fulfilment. Glory to God. #BTFC #LoveworldTeensMinistry #TLB #CEBAYELSA #THELANDOFGRACE #NSSZONE1

We run after souls like a shepherd, who is looking after sheeps, at the bush, us we chase souls to church to be guard by the great shepherd of the sheep, who is our Lord Jesus Christ, Hallelujah John 10:11

RORRUK2019!!! UK Zone1 #RORRUK2019 #UKZone1 #LoveworldNorthWestLondon

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