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Hi! Have you heard about the Pastor Chris Digital Library 4.0 app with amazing new features such as streaming and subscriptions? Check it out at http://pcdl.co.

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Happy Fathers Day Sir! Thank you for continually upgrading my life. I love you Sir.

Happy Father's day to my special Dad! Thank you Sir, for all the prayers, inspiration,encouragement and love. You are simply the best Dad ever! God bless you Sir



تو ما قلت بِسْم الله هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

Happy Father's Day Pastor Jonathan. We love you thank you for feeding us with God's word. Supernatural Dad #CeSenegal

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY There might be many instructors, but ONLY one Father. We are proud to be called your children.... We are proud to be fathered by you...... We are your children in truth and in deed.. Dad, Today, we your children celebrate you.. Today, we your children shout it out on the rooftop: WE LOVE OUR FATHER Today, we your children proclaim to the entire world that you are the "BESTEST" of FATHERS. We love you and this is just one of the several days we can say it out: HAPPY FATHERS DAY SIR!!!!!

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