Pastor Femi Ajibodu: Happy Father's day to a on KingsChat Web

Happy Father's day to a wonderful father. Thank you sir for your awesome leadership, the countless investment in my life, your guidance & instructions and for loving me specially. I love you dearly sir.

Happy Father's day to a

Happy Father Day to my Father,Pastor &Boss Esteemed Rev Ray Okocha, I have learnt so much from you Sir in a short while. Thank you for your Fatherly love! It's a privilege having you as a father. Happy Father's Day Sir. #cephministrycenter

Happy Fathers day Sir I love you dearly, thank you for yielding yourself to the Spirit and for followership. We follow you as you follow Pastor Chris Cehararecbd

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Congratulations to our FOUNDATION SCHOOL graduates cohort 2 for the ministry year. Build on this solid and everlasting foundation ever. #nnwz2 #cezango #monthofprayer

Happy Father's Day to our loving, gracious, kind, best Dad ever, Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD. We love you so dearly Sir. Thank you for raising us as champions to shine everywhere. #BlueEliteCommunity

Happy fathers day pastor Joshua sir.we love you so much #cc1 #cephzone3

Happy Father's Day, to My Mentor, My Life Coach, My Pastor & My Prophet. Thank u Sir, for teaching me how to live & enjoy life through God's word. Also thank u Sir, for making Jesus more real to me. I am eternally grateful Sir.

Happy Fathers day to you Sir, thank you for leading us in the way of Christ! I love you dearly

Happy Father's Day to the fathers in town model church. It's 1000 times greater in this new phase of your life. We love you dearly. #cephzone2 #cetownmodelchurch #tmc

Happy father's day to our man of Pst Chris. We love you and we thank God for you. Thank you for raising us in the Word of God. You are awesome and we love you so much. #southafricazone4

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