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Happy Fathers Day Daddy From Gideon and I we love you ❤️

Happy Fathers Day Daddy From

احس نعست

Happy Father's Day Dad, love u unconditionally. #Cephministrycentre

#prayingnow #PrayaThon #cesazone2 #durbangroup

Happy Father's day dear esteemed Pastor Sir! Thanks for being a special and a loving dad! Thanks for tutoring me the Word You're a blesser!!! You're a wonder!!! I love you Pst Sir!!!

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Happy father's day, pastor sir. Thank you so much for allowing the Holy Ghost to impart the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ through you to us in the EWCA region. Happy father's day, sir. I love you so much, sir

Happy birthday dear sister Gillian.You're an amazing leader wife & sister.Your consistency, excellence & passion for the things of God are outstanding. Thank you for being a bright & shining light in the Grace cell & the world at large.Kings shall dine from your palms.I❤U dearly

Celebrating our dearest Bro. Beloved, you are amazing. Thank you for your dedication to the gospel, thank you for all you do in God's house & the haven nation. You're a soldier and the work is prospering because of you. Happy Birthday!

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