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Happy Father's Day to my Highly Esteemed Pastor. I love you dearly Sir.

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Happy Father's Day to my Big Daddy, The Highly Esteemed Zonal Director of the Accra Ghana Zone. I love you very dearly Sir.


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Happy Father"s Day pastor Sir. Thank you for teaching us what it truly means to be a father. My family loves you so very much!!!

عندما يملأ الحب قلباً، فإنه يطرد الملل، لأن الحب يشغل تفكير المحب.. تصبح الوحدة صديقة حميمة.. ويصبح الخيال رفيقاً عزيزاً لا تمل صحبته..


Happy Father’s day to All!! and to the most Esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja. Thank you for Love and Guidance; Thank you for being a shining example! You’re blessing to us/all!! Love you sirs.

Thanks for teaching me about key principles of the kingdom, Sir! #pastorchrisgeneration #fathersday #blwukzonea

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Happy Father's Day to my FATHER, Pastor Chris. Thank You for Teaching me the Word of God, like NO OTHER!, Teaching me to Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, how to reconcile man back to God. How to Pray, how to hv a Quiet time. I Love You DAD

Happy father’s day sir, Thank you for being our shepherd and shows us the way, the truth and the life. #Pastor Ben #LoveworldWellingborough #Weloveyou

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