CE MID-WEST ZONE: CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY!! #Photohighlights 📷 on KingsChat Web

CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY!! #Photohighlights 📷 More Wall of Fame and Red Carpet photos from our Rhapsody of Realities commemorative edition celebration. #Cemidwestzone #RORCommemorativeedition #celebratingvictory #impact1million

CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY!! #Photohighlights 📷 CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY!! #Photohighlights 📷 CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY!! #Photohighlights 📷 CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY!! #Photohighlights 📷 CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY!! #Photohighlights 📷

Happy fathers day Sirs!

Highlights !!! THE RHAPSODY EVANGELISTIC OUTREACH NETWORK ONSITE CONFERENCE The climax of the evening in the Rhapsody Evangelistic Network Onsite Conference was the moment the Highly Esteemed Evang. Dr Eddy Owase delclared the exhibition open by cutting the ribbon.. At the exhibition, Pastor Yomi Morakinyo enlightened on the ministers on the various Rhapsody projects of the ministry which include: 📌Rhapsody ReachOut Campaigns 📌Angels at Christmas 📌Rhapsody Translation 📌Rhapsody international mission Sponsorship etc The ministers signed up to join the network! GLORY TO GOD !! #Warriministrycentre #reon #ror

Happy Fathers day, Pastor sir you are simply awesome, thank you for your kindheartedness

Happy birthday to you Pst ma keep shinning everywhere.

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Glorious, beautiful day full of celebration, fun and love ❤️ #ukzone2 #lwsouthampton #fathersday2019

Happy Father's day to you Pastor Sir. Thank you for your mentorship and guidance. Thank you for showing us how to follow our Man of God. We love you dearly #EWCAVZ2 #TOGO

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