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HBD to my one & only Nicole. 2day I celebrate, Light, wisdom, humility, beauty, honesty & Peacefulness in one Personality. Thank you for being dependable & reliable in every ramification. I declare that of your wisdom, success & victories there shall be no end. Luv you plenty

HBD to my one & HBD to my one & HBD to my one & HBD to my one &


Wooow happy day Gods lcon



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Thank you so much Daddy!!! I love you forever Sir.




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It's 8 days to Goooooooo

It's 8 days to Goooooooo

#prayingwithpastorchris #PrayingNowAsiaRegion #CE Abu Dhabi🇦🇪 #PCLprayathon2019 #UAE🇦🇪 #MiddleeastZone #prayingnow

It's 8 days to Goooooooo

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Celebrating the best of God. Pastor Sir we are eternally grateful. Blessed be God #pa2206 #gospel22

Happy birthday pastor sir

At ICLC today, I now know all the tools that I need to be an effective leader and soul winner. Thanks to our Esteemed Pastor Alabi and Pastor Femi. The session with our Man of GOD was expository of our invincible nature as Children of GOD. Hallelujah.

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