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Happening impactful plenary session with the highly esteemed Rev. Tom Amenkhienian on the topic: "TERMINAL GENERATION". #ICLCinyourcity #Day2morningSession #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

Happening impactful plenary session Happening impactful plenary session Happening impactful plenary session
Inyang Orok Edem


What an unforgettable experience @ICLC #TeamCalabarRocks

We help the needs need extra money ask how??

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#EWCAZ3 #Uganda

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Happening Now @ ICLC in UK2Z4 Strategic Session: The Radical Cell And Relevant Cell Leader by The Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal "Remove the Gate" of your City, remove every opposition to Gospel in your City. You can do it. A radical leader obtains promises. A radical leader is a person of exploits, a person of divine conquest Decide choose and make up your mind to be different. Make up your mind that your results will fill the earth. All things are ready for you to take over your catchment 1. Magnify Your Office : Be radical in your work as a cell leader. Take action that produces change. 2. You Are An Agent Of Change: Decide that you will never be a victim. You must be relevant. Don't settle for a normal general cell leadership. There are cities and nations waiting for you. But God will not promote you if you are lazy 3. Be A PaceSetter: Do things that will challenge and inspire others. It's our divine responsibility to show the way to others. 4. Answer Your Name 5. See yourself as Your Pastor Sees You 6. Don't Be Involved In Civilian Affairs 7. Be Profitable For Ministry 8. Don't Allow Anyone To Take Your Crown You must maintain your relevance You must fight for it You must weep for it. #ICLCIYC2019 #UK2Z4MOST

ICLC IN YOUR REGION/CITY. (DAY 2, EVENING SESSION). PICTORIAL REPORT- 1. Getting Programmed for greater Results and Productivity. #ewcaz2

Happening Now! Voluntary Blood donors have turned up in large numbers to donate blood at the ongoing blood drive in Congo Brazzaville. Thanks to your commitment to saving lives, many of those who are in need of safe blood for the transfusion will be kept alive. #supervolunteers #savingliveseveryday #vmccongo #ewcavz4

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