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#TENA2019 The earth will yield her increase and bless the people says the Spirit

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#TENA2019 It is as far as your eyes can See? So what do you see? I see a great multitude arrayed in white

#TENA2019 There is a great stirring of the waters and the Spirit of the Lord says "come and drink". But what will you drink with? Some come with cups,pots,buckets,drums,resevoirs and some came with a pipeline to connect

#TENA2019 As the farmer gathers his harvest, so is the Lord gathering His people unto Himself. Dont be told. Be there

#TENA2019 So in for a glorius time of the Spirit

#TENA2019 As much as you hunger for you'll receive. So why hunger for a loaf when you can receive the factory?

#TENA2019 Something wonderful, something beautiful is happening in town people...

#TENA2019 No hand lifted to the Lord in worship comes back empty...


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