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Sir,through u,I knew what it meant to worship God, through you i knew how to be so free in Christ.Through u Sir,I knew how to dance more than David danced.The words u taught me built me up strong and caused a fire which I then took to my campus.i love u.Happy sweet birthday Sir.

Sir,through u,I knew what it

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday Sir. Thank you for your infectious excitement about the gospel and lalas! I love you lots. You are very special and I thank God for the privilege of knowing you so closely. Of your increase, there is no end!!!!Happy birthday Pastor.

Mid-Year Thanksgiving Service July 14th I'm in. #midYearThanksgiving #yearoflights #iamluminary #abeokutaministrycentre

Happy birth day Pastor on this special day. You teach and inspire by your words. Thank you for being our guide as we seek to be better servants of the Lord. God bless you, sir. #PSTUCHE0307 - CE Peterborough

متعدد في اللحظات أخيط الزمن منفردا بدهشة الحكي تارة و أخرى بهدم السراب

So much to thank God for. We are so ready #yearoflights #MidYearThankgiving #CEILESHA #NSWZ2 #SWREG

Happy sweet birthday to my dearest Sister, Pastor Minnie. I love you always. Your full of light, full of the word, full of joy, full of love and much more. Keep being amazing. Enjoy this new chapter of your life. Your a blessing always. Xx

الفراشات في إنبهار تحوم حول حتفها كلما رقصت لفيض اللهب و شرارة الهشيم ..

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