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CELEBRATING A ROYAL WONDER #E707 #imalive #cewarriministrycentre

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HBD to you My Father I love you to much


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CELEBRATING A ROYAL WONDER... #E707 #imalive #cewarriministrycentre

We out here spreading, shining and lighting our world with Rhapsody #ROUSA #ROUSATXZONE2 #ROUSACEARLINGTON #CETXZONE2

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Blue is the Logo!! 96.3 Is the Frequency One Radio, One Voice SUPER FM 96.3 IS THE RADIO STATION!! #follow@superfm96.3 #tagsomeone #comment #repost #tellsomeone #number1 #superfm #radio #new #fresh #unique #information #inspiration #influence #onair #transmission

ONCE UPON A THURSDAY with Lauren BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN 8 "Hello." A thick, dark voice calls out. Opening my eyes to see who it is, I shudder at the sight that greets my eyes. The grim reaper towers over me fiercely in his malevolent form. He holds his scythe in one hand while he opens the other, as if to say welcome. I try to speak but my voice seems to be tangled by an invisible web. "You should not be surprised that you are here." He answers the question on my mind. "You hoped for this day, remember?" Flashes of thoughts from the many times I had hoped for death come running through my mind. "Allow me to take you home, child." Emphasising on the word "child", he motions at me. "Yes, child." He reads my thoughts again. "The father of lies is your daddy. I'm only doing his bidding." He gives a loud sinister laugh. His laugh jolts through my head, filling my entire body with pain. I hold my head, hoping that I would be able to stifle the pain I feel. "You had better get used to that quickly." He points at me with his scrawny fingers. "The master's laugh does even more than this." He laughs even harder. He claps and two short creatures appear. Their long, pointy ears prick with every word he says and their bloodshot eyes bulge as they glance at me. "These are my minions, Torment and Trauma, they are here to take you home." His eyes fill with malicious glint. Torment and Trauma grab at my hands and feet, their talons digging into my skin. "Let me go." I scream on the inside. The grim reaper's dark eyes pore into my soul. "You seem not to know where you are and what's going on." He says with enragement. "Welcome to the underworld." He and his minions laugh in derision. *** Two men sit on one of the fallen trees in the market square. They discuss the effects of last night's ferocious rain, whilst drinking and playing draft. Their activities come to a halt when a sleek car parks in front of them. A tall, dark man comes out and walks up to them. "Good morning." He greets. "Good morning oga." They answer. "I need to make an enquiry." He says. "Enkwayari?" One of the man asks. "Wetin be dat?" Seeing that they do not understand, he switches to pidgin. "Abeg, e get something wey I wan ask." "I wan ask if una know dat small girl wey carry belle..." "That yeye pikin wey dey chop food wey don dey dustbin for years." One of the men says, cutting him short. He replies impatiently. "Ehn, you know her house or you know where she dey?" "We know." They chorus. "Good! Una fit take me there?" He asks beaming. "No wahala..." One of them starts to talk while the other nudges him and begins whispering in his ears, loud enough for the man to hear. "We no suppose let this man go like this. See im fine car, make im drop something for the boys, abi how you reason am?" "Na true talk o." He nods in support of his friend's idea. Without allowing them to go further, the man hands them some naira notes, losing patience as they jubilate. "You be correct oga." The one who brought up the idea salutes and praises him, then he gives the man directions. Just before the man leaves, one of them asks, "But oga wetin the girl do you?" "Abi na wetin you wan do the girl?" He asks winking. His friend adds, "Oga, wait first mek she born the one wey she dey carry na." Both men burst out laughing. Ignoring them, he hurries to his car and zooms off. The only thought on his mind at this time is the girl, Edidiong. ...to be continued #beautifullybroken #onceuponathursdaywithLauren #AbeokutaMC #yearofLights 🌟

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Blue is the Logo!! 96.3 Is the Frequency One Radio, One Voice SUPER FM 96.3 IS THE RADIO STATION!! #follow@superfm96.3 #tagsomeone #comment #repost #tellsomeone #number1 #superfm #radio #fresh #unique #information #inspiration #influence #onair #transmission #radiostation

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