Pst Louis O: Happy Birthday my Topistic.... on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday my Topistic....

Happy Birthday my Topistic.... Happy Birthday my Topistic.... Happy Birthday my Topistic.... Happy Birthday my Topistic....
Agape Angel


Happy birthday to my Father's Topistic.

PastorShadyb- The Divine.......


Happy birthday pretty!!!



Happy blessed birhday to this Lovely Gift, First to my Pastor and us all.



😍😍😍 Happy birthday my father's topistic #ourtopistic

Pastor Frank Ojangole


Happiest Birthday my Father's Topistic....Congratulations Pastor Sir.

Happy Happy birthday dear Sr. Ibilola, you truly are a bright shining light, growing in wisdom and in favor. You are special to all of us. We love you and celebrate you this day.

'Illuminating Your World Conference' in Baroda city, India. In view of our vision to penetrate every city in every country with the vision of the GYLF, ambassador Nelson John organized this unique conference to induct youths in his city into the forum. Present at the conference was the Zonal Coordinator for Asia Sis.Pooja Achan who ministered on "How to become a success for Jesus" The youths in attendance were highly impacted by the message and the vision of GYLF. At the end, everyone present signed up to join this great movement, the GYLF and they are ready to make lasting impact in their nation. Praise God! #GYLFINDIA #GYLF

Happy birthday to a Sapient pst and mum. Your fruits are prevailing and reigning in the ministry. Your game will continuously spread abroad perpetual victory parade this year MA. Is my wishes #p507# #ceugboworock# Midwz#

Am Dominating my world through prayer!! I make things happen through prayer! Am a dispenser of God's blessings through prayer! A carrier of Devine grace.. A conqueror and a Victor! AM A STAR! #ceonitshazone #ceozonalchurch #ceozexecutive

Happy Birthday to you my dearest Charissa Ibilola, Ever so joyful and and sweet. I love you so much.

The Princess was born today. Happy birthday Ibilola

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for your Word assures me of divine health and a glorious life of victory in Christ Jesus. Virtue flows through every fibre of my being today, as I release my faith to the presence of the Spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

#CIO #EWCAZ3 Happiest birthday pretty one. God bless and multiply your days. Love you soooo much.

Happy birthday Bro Emma. Thank you for being a blessing and an inspiration. God continue to increase & prosper you. Congratulations!


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