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Passion begats Purpose with direction and ultimately Relevance.My Passion at full tank am the takeover 'Generation #loveworldbotswanazone #lwUB2 #workersandexecutivecamp2019

Passion begats Purpose with direction


"No one can pay enough for your input." Rev Chris #workers&executivecamp2019 #Loveworldbotswana

Singles meeting with esteemed rev Ray & pst Linda okocha. Meaning of luminary....One who is an inspiration to others; one who has achieved success in their chosen field; a leading light. A body that gives light; especially, one of the heavenly bodies. #cephzone2 #happeningnow

Take the opportunity to serve in ministry whilst young. Be like David's mighty man. #workers&executivecamp2019 #Loveworldbotswana #LWBIUST

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I learnt to be relevant to the ministry, be a Levite always eager to serve ,an activist who fights the good fight of faith. #workers&executivecamp2019 #loveworldbotswana #generationnextnetwork

To be a good leader you have learn how to serve... Be like the mighty men of David.... They were loyal to their leader their character is the kind of character that we should have.... Chaiii!!!! camp #workersandexecutivecamp #Loveworldbotswanazone #guc

As today comes to a close,it marks Day 2 of our camp.I'm refreshed for the work.I learnt of Passion,Purpose and Relevance.Pastor said if you are passionate,there is purpose and then you become relevant. #loveworldBots #WorkersAndExecutiveCamp #LWImperial

Ohh wow..what a Glorious time at the camp today, a wonderful time to receive training and impartation, ohh yes WE HAVE MOVED💃ohh I am passionate, i have a purpose, i am relevant!! #workers&executivecamp2019 #Loveworldbotswana #lwBIUST

#workersexecutivecamp2019 #Loveworldbotswana #lwbiust What I learnt is servitude in the kingdom, to do what other people in their youth did not do so that I live a different life that brings glory to God.

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