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My passion, Purpose and Relevance has been refuelled to greater heights. The clarity of the Gospel of Christ is Paramount to a Successful Soul Winner #Workersandexecutivecamp2019 #LoveworldBotswana #LWBiust

My passion, Purpose and Relevance My passion, Purpose and Relevance

A true christain #suigenerissisu

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Josephine. Enjoy a great year. I love you.

LWCM,3rd Global online Teachers Summit #wez3 #ce Rome3 #italy #childrenschurchrocks

Great time at the camp: Learnt to have the right attitude to correction and not respond in anger or bitterness Be loyal to the vision of our man of God and be willing to lay down your life for it. #workers&executivesluminarycamp #loveworldbotswana #Baccampus

To perfect your soul winning you need to first be filled with the spirit, then know and understand the gospel, explain to the soul wht the gospel is, after explaining to them you need to lead them to salvation.....i have moved #workersandexecutivecamp #botswanazone #guc

Happy Birthday dear Sis. Mercy. Have a great year full of God's goodness. It's from glory to glory. I love you.

The mighty and loyal men of Pastor Ma.... Luminary camp... Ma's soldiers biult for war... Chaiii!!!! #workers&executivecamp2019 #Loveworldbotswanazone #guc

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Oliver. Thank you for your commitment to the work of the ministry. Have a beautiful year. I appreciate you greatly.

#workers&executivecamp2019 #Loveworldbotswana #BlwBiustcampus Thank you Pastor Ma for the capacity building camp.My passion for the gospel is directed with purpose.

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