Pastor Mpho Lorraine: Happy Birthday Pastor Sir🎉. Thank on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir🎉. Thank you Sir for the special way you've impacted my Dad's life and my family. We love you dearly Sir. #IMALIVE #E707

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir🎉. Thank Happy Birthday Pastor Sir🎉. Thank

CELEBRATING GRACE!!! Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Zunny Abu sir, we celebrate the grace of God on your life. Thank you for all you do for us in LTM. We love you dearly sir #LTMNetworks #cLoveworld

Celebrating Royalty, Love, wisdom, faith, passion, leadership and beauty. Thank Evang. Sir, for all that you do for Our gospel and for our Man of God. More grace Sir, #iamalive #e707 #CEBEPANDA #cameroon #EWCAZ4

Happy wedding Anniversary ,Pastor Mercy Osaro.Who be dey dey that day oooh?


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Happy Happy Happy birthday Pastor love Sir, esteemed PST Henry Odaiche...thank you for your commitment to the work of the ministry, truly of your tie,increase, there shall be no end. WE LOVE YOU PARTNERSHIP UNIT #CEMINDWESTZONE #WARRISOUTHPARTNERSHIPUNIT #PASTORLOVE

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Celebrating Super Father Thank you Dad for everything. I love and appreciate you dearly. #cephzone2

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