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CELEBRATING THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED EVANGELIST(DR) EDDY OWASE! Thank you sir for the resonating impact you continue to make in the lives of Ministers of the gospel in all the nations of the world and for lavishly and freely giving of that which you’ve received from our man of God over the years. We join the host of our LoveWorld Nation to celebrate you today and always. Glorious things shall continually be spoken of you! Happy Birthday! We love you sir!!

Celina Domingos Titoce


Wow, God Bless.



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Patrience Waiwu


Awesome birthday to you Pastor Sir, you're blessed

Congratulations ma'am. Matching on to 1,000,000 mark!

Congratulations Sir Matching on to 1,000,000 mark.

You are our hero ❤️ #pastorobithechamp #dspukzone3 happy birthday sir 😁🎁🎂

Congratulations dear Esteemed Ma. We love you tonnes!!😍❤

Today we join the host of heaven to celebrate a ROYAL WONDER Our Highly esteemed Director Evangelist (Dr) Eddy Owase. We love you sir #E707 #warriministrycentre #royalwonder #cewarridsc

We are excited about what is coming on!! There is no way to miss it The world is moving forward #CEUK2Z4 #CEBRISTOL #WECwithPASTORCRIS

Happy Birthday Dr Eddy Sir To see your passion as you pray moves the whole earth in the direction the Lord want's it. Thank you for ypur exemplary Leadership according to the stepps our MOG always gives us

Congratulations to the Esteemed CEO ,My Esteemed Director and Boss. Its 1000 times greater Ma .I love you Ma.

يارب يمزحون 🙃💅🏻

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