Dcns Enyioma Ekpebegh: Happy birthday, esteemed Dcns Jo. on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday, esteemed Dcns Jo. It's from glory to glory, in Jesus name, amen. #Happybirthday #celcc2excels

Happy birthday, esteemed Dcns Jo.

50 EXCEPTIONAL THINGS ABOUT HER 6. She never gives up, she never quits. #Siugenerissisu #Exceptionalmum #Directorlikenoother #Ilovehersomuch

50 EXCEPTIONAL THINGS ABOUT HER 5. She's super dupa EXCELLENT #Siugenerissisu #Exceptionalmum #Directorlikenoother #Ilovehersomuch

Happy birthday to my 'SUZZY' - Shevaughn. I love you huge, you know naaa!

Happy Birthday sir more grace. Thank you you for your leadership. I love you Sir.

🧚🧚🧚Glory to you Our Pastor, You are more than a Conquer Pastor Maa, keep Shining for God Pastor, Thank you for everything thing for our Church, stay blessed Women of God🧚🧚🧚 #CESAZONE1 #JHBCRL

Happy birthday to our Highly Esteemed DOP &CELVZ FTM Director,thank you for your exceptional &exemplary leadership.I have watched you follow our Man of God without wavering &I am also doing the same.The glory has increased&you have indeed moved in every ramification.I love you ma

50 EXCEPTIONAL THINGS ABOUT HER 7. She's the perfect example of HOW TO FOLLOW OUR MAN OF GOD. #Siugenerissisu #Exceptionalmum #Directorlikenoother #Ilovehersomuch

50 EXCEPTIONAL THINGS ABOUT HER 8. She's extraordinarily diligent. #Siugenerissisu #Exceptionalmum #Directorlikenoother #Ilovehersomuch

Happy Birthday to a quintessential personality, an epitome of Christ. In you I see Jesus in humility even though great, in simplicity yet highly productive, unassuming but very versatile. It takes the Holy Ghost to understand how you do all these things. I love you so much ma.

Sir your conduct & faith have inspired us in so many ways. You have shown a good example to all of us in your ministry, & you've remained steadfast in your service to our Man of God. Indeed, your life is worthy of emulation. May God uphold you and strengthen you. Happy birthday!

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