Ajara Martinson: Thank you so much Pastor on KingsChat Web

Thank you so much Pastor Sir for the opportunity to hear such super inspiring testimonies. #CeAccraGhanaZone

Thank you so much Pastor

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It was a great time during Mid Week Service Today We Learnt about the Benefits of Prayer, and We are Putting it to work!! Its a new level all together. Hallelujah!! #WorldEvangelismConference #Cephzone2

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أخذت شهادة السواقة وضغطت على زوجها وبعد نكد عطاها السيارة وهي راجعة من الشغل اتصل عليها الزوج وقال لها الله يرحم والديك انتبهي على الطريق لأن بالراديو يقولو في سيارة ماشية عكس السير!! اخاف تطلع بوجهك وتدعسك قالت:موبس سيارة وحدة الله لايوفقهم كل السيارات ماشية عكس السير جننوني 😂😂

CE Calabar Ministry Centre Celebrates the highly Esteemed Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka, Director of Programs and Director of Corporate Affairs. 🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA 🎊 Thank you ma for being the definition of excellence, commitment, dependability and passion. We rejoice with Thanksgiving at the many exploits of your faith and we know many more glorious impacts will follow your new Phase! We love and celebrate you Greatly! #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks


Celebrating all shades of awesomeness.. #PLAthe4thman #PLA711

Thank you Father for filling my life with good things and for renewing my youth as the eagle. I am blessed & I'm a winner always! #ThanksGivingMode💃🏽

Celebrating our highly Esteemed Director, Father, Pastor, Daddy... #PLAthe4thman #PLA711

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