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#Excellencepersonified #Wisdompersonified #Graced
Florence Bikoumou


Happy Birthday Pastor ! I love you. You are such an inspiration for me and a symbol, a drive for progress and evident succes. Each time you came to Chad my life history has never been the same again after, moving from glory to glory, from one testimony to another as I would just start functionning in a greater light, capacity and grace in specific areas of my life. You are such a blessing for me and my family. My son Israël is so inspired by you and after meeting with you at the teenagers program at ''maison de la femme" when you ministered he decided to introduce himself as Pastor Israël of Christ Embassy Mbailemdana's church, Sir. I just new from that moment his life is on for a far greater future with the lord. Thank you Pastor.

Still celebrating our Dear Sis Precious. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your new level. ‘You have moved’! Glory!! Thank you for your work in leading Gods people. I love you. #ceottawa

Happy Birthday to our Dear Sis Martha and Bro Matthias Ugbome. It’s both your season of thanksgiving and Gods grace and peace is multiplied unto you. “You have both moved” to new and higher levels! Thanks for your commitments. I love you. #ceottawa

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Strategic meeting of Teens' Leaders with our esteemed Director was revealing and amazing! With Teens like this, the future is blazing bright! Children of our Man of God, Rev Chris, with high level sunesis. One of them responding to a question stated that "christians who still go to hospital just need to realize that hospital is in them!" #CEChad #CGI

Still celebrating our Dear Sis Grace. Happy Birthday! Surely grace and peace is multiplied unto you and ‘You have moved’! Thank you for your commitments in church. I love you #ceottawa

Still celebrating our Dear Bro Tolu. Happy Birthday. You are always full of joy and smiles. Thank you for always helping out in church. ‘You have moved’, and changed levels. I love you. #ceottawa

Tasha My Tasha, Happy Birthday Love🥳🎉 You’re so wonderful and beautiful inside out. I thank the Lord each day for blessing me with you, you’re a blessing to me and all those you come in contact with. You have moved, it’s 1000 times greater for you in all that you do. I love you♥️♥️

Still celebrating our Dear Papa Francois. Happy Birthday. As your days are so shall your strength be. Joy and divine health is yours. Thank you for your commitment to the vision and ministry. “You have moved” to new levels of health and joy. We all love you. #ceottawa

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