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The Holy Spirit is the most beautiful, wonderful person to know. He always leads us in beauty, triumph and greater success. Daddy you love me so💋🤩

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

... Still Celebrating #PLAthe4thMan A great blessing and an inspiration! Happy Birthday My Darlyn We love you so very much❤

Happy Birthday Bro Peter aka Mr President. You know I love you dearly. God Bless You

Happy Birthday to our Esteemed Pastor Francis Kessie. A burning and a shining light you are. As you mark another year, your light shines with a greater intensity. Increased graces to expand the Kingdom, gain more grounds and win more souls for our Master. The works of your hands are blessed and your lips will continually be filled with praise and thanksgiving as God is magnified in your life. We love you dearly Sir.

Nice day

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature – Mark 16:15 There’s the business, the education World.. And yes! We are doing it big time.. We can't just sit, we can't keep quiet the gospel must be preached..Thank you Lord..

Happening Now... ICLC in Your City 2019. South West Region (CE Akure Centre) Brethren being inspired afresh to do great things for the kingdom. #iclcinyourcity #oasis #ceakure

Dærly beloved Sir, Your height of God's love is meteoric Your loyalty to the ministry astronomic Your passion to the vision is titanic Your innate flow of ideas is oceanic You’re a luminary of cascading light~ As you open our eyes to walk the light! HAPPY•BIRTHDAY•SIR🎂 #PLA711

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