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PHOTO EXCERPTS OF THE LOVEWORLD READING CHALLENGE FOR TEENAGERS Which took place today at CE Benin Zone 1. #loveworldreadingchallenge #lwteensministry #cebeninzone1 #celebrityteenschurch

A goal is a dream with deadline..... I’ve learnt not just to dream but also to set goals!

الله يكتب لكل شخص الفرحه الي يتمناها 🙏🏻

PHOTO EXCERPTS OF THE LOVEWORLD READING CHALLENGE FOR TEENAGERS Which took place today at CE Benin Zone 1 today. #loveworldreadingchallenge #lwteensministry #cebeninzone1 #celebrityteenschurch

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From the debt of my heart, I am grateful to you, you've done so much for me. I have search around, there's no one like you, you mean so much to, you're my refuge and my strength... You are a wonder, creator of the earth.. You're highly exalted. Amen.

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WE HAVE MOVED!!! Balabaye!!!! What a visitation! #Pastorcame #Canada #CeVaughan

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A NEW LEVEL @ the T.I.E Conference UGANDA. The highly esteemed CMD in an online live stream took the leaders at the TIE Conference Uganda on yet another levitating session on DISCIPLINE FOR EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP. A beautiful training session it was as he taught the leaders that DISCIPLINE is so important for young leaders because if you can get it right at this time, you have it made. Discipline refers to training; the moulding, refining of character. Discpline is also the subduing, control, mastery of raw or base instincts, drives, passions & desire through conscious training or practice to bring forth inner excellence. The disciplined leader is a soldier! He doesn’t engage in civilian affairs. The Ministry, the gospel, the Kingdom is our life, it’s what preoccupies us. Areas of Discipline/training: 👉🏻 The Discipline of Prayer 👉🏻 Discipline to study 👉🏻 Discipline with time 👉🏻 Discipline in conduct- language & behaviour, relationships 👉🏻 Discipline to plan; "failure to plan is planning to fail". 👉🏻 Financial discipline- learn how to manage funds & grow wealth. 👉🏻 Discipline of the mind. Ur mind is a tool! Manage ur mind as a leader. You are your thoughts. Your thoughts will give birth! As a leader, you must be; o Loyal to the leadership. o Loyal to the vision. o Loyal to the ministry. o Loyal to the message. Discipline distinguishes a leader, sets him apart and causes the inner excellence of his spirit to shine through. ...the hearts of the young leaders are burning for the Lord!!! More to come... #FireinUganda #TIEUganda #Blwcampusministryrocks

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