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Happy Birthday Dear Sis Joy! Have A Blessed One 💕

Happy Birthday Dear Sis Joy!
Gov. Michael Chukwurah


Happy Birthday Sister Joy.

Count down to world evangelism conference #worldevangelismconference #pastorchris #pastorbenny #reon2019 #soulwinningevangelism #londonuk

#WeAreLiveOnCetunes Yourloveworld with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn To listen download Cetunes from the play store with this link http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.lw.cetunes Remember to add reference code: olla

Singles Seminar This Thursday 6pm #CEZone1 #randburg2

Pastor is an inspiration. I love you so dearly MA. #cegbagada #celagoszone2 #cegbagadayouthministry

Happy birthday my dear Princess Charissa Chloe today you have made one year. We 've seen you grow healthy strong so intellIgent and full of God's Wisdom. Mum and Dad love you so dearly. We give glory to God for the joy you have brought our family

I LIVE FOR YOU - JESUS: https://youtu.be/gsykzxInqVo

Join Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, the Former Director, Hebrew Studies, at Arizona State University as he helps us understand the Hebrew bible now on "Your LoveWorld" with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn : www.loveworldsat.org/watchlisten/live-tv/ #yourloveworld #loveworldsat #pastorchris #pastorbenny #loveworldnetworks

Happy birthday MA. You are the best . I love you so dearly MA. #cegbagada #celagoszone2 #cegbagadayouthministry

It is 24 days to the highly - anticipated 2019 Healing School Summer Session! Thank you to The Healing School Summer Session Silver Sponsors! Are you involved? Join us to birth a glorious season of divine healing and health. 👉👉 Pray with us @ the Healing School Online Prayer Conference by registering here: www.enterthehealingschool.org/prayerconference 👉👉 Give towards the session @ www.ethsch.orh/D8 👉👉 Invite the sick to attend @ https://ethsch.org/SD God bless you #summersession2019 #hspc

Happy Birthday Dear Sis Amaka, We Celebrate You, Have A Blessed One 💕

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