Fortune Peters: There's a group of guys on KingsChat Web

There's a group of guys on kingschat platform now doing scamming jobs, don't give them to double 4u, its fake, its scam, b warned ooooooo.

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PTO- Birthday Loading... #PTO182019 #Soulwinningonmymind.

Oh Lord, my God: Your Name echoes around the world! #MyMonthofThanksgiving!

2019 gets even better...! Thank you Lord - for the cheery news that came in the mail today. #MyMonthofThanksgiving #MyYearofLights!

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Faith is that step you take, your response—in word or deed—to the Word of God, not to the words of men; & this God, the One in Who's Word you demonstrate your #faith, will reward you openly; your profiting from responding to His Word will be visible for all to see #BrotherLorenz

هاي،لسا موجودين؟

10000_____20000 20000______40000 40000_______80000, they are scams, pls don't try it, they av collected a brother's money, b warned ooo.

PTO- Birthday Loading... #PTO182019 #Soulwinningonmymind.

It's 23 Days to the Healing School Summer Session with Pastor Chris in Canada This is the set time for the miraculous! Are you a part of it? #summersession2019 #hspc

PTO- Birthday Loading... #PTO182019 #Soulwinningonmymind.

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