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Christ Embassy Church Harkers Hall St.catherine Jamaica


Christ Embassy Church Harkers Hall St.catherine Jamaica

July 19th - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear heavenly Father, I thank You for Your pulsating life that permeates my entire being. I am a partaker of the divine nature; an associate of the God-kind! I am filled with Your fullness; therefore, health, joy, prosperity, victory and the glorious life are my present-hour inheritance. I’ve been born into the life of dominion, success, and joy. My life is for Your glory. I thank You for You have chosen me, and ordained me, that I should go and bring forth fruit, and that my fruit should abide. In all that I do, I prosper! I am consistently fruitful and productive, making progress and advancing in life on a daily basis in the Name of Jesus. I affirm that my spirit is refreshed and enlightened by the revelation of God’s Word to me today! I know who I am; I am the seed of Abraham! The world belongs to me. I reign and rule over circumstances by the power of the greater One who lives in me! He lives in my spirit, in my soul, and in my body! No failure for me, and no defeat on my path; I am moving from glory to glory! I walk in prosperity, victory, and health because I live in God’s Word. I am literally transfigured into the image that I see in the Word, as I meditate and yield my mind to the tutelage of the Word. Therefore, my attitude, mindset and belief systems are transformed, and my life and character, improved and upgraded.  I am loaded on the inside, and the grace of God is multiplied in my life. I have eternal life, righteousness, and oneness with the Spirit. I take advantage of this multiplied grace and live victoriously today and always! Nothing is impossible with me, because my life is the story and testimony of your grace. Glory to God. Hallelujah!  #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

Christ Embassy Church Harkers Hall St.catherine

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Christ Embassy Church Harkers Hall St.catherine Jamaica

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