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• Make up your mind to live in your calling of blessings. You are the blessed child of a blessed God - Pastor Tony Aduroja #ukzone2DayofBlessings #ukzone2 #OuryearofLights

• Make up your mind
Sis Febra


😄 I am expecting Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi 👍💃💃💥💥


Happy Birthday Esteemed Sir! It's been awesome knowing you for many Years. Thank you sir for all you do for the kingdom, for family and for being steadfast in the faith. Many more glorious years to come sir. I love you

Our heavenly father knowth that ye have need of all these things.Don't miss a day of blessings.#ukzone2dayofblessing #ukzone2#ouryearoflights

Updated his profile photo

BLW CAMEROON is making the necessary impact as a Campus Ministry. #campusministryrocks #TIECAMEROON2019 #TIECONFERENCE2019 #CMDINCAMEROON2019 #BLWCAMEROON

“Lord, here I am. Fill me, talk through me, use me for Your glory!“ [Prevailing Prayer Part 1, Pastor Chris]

Campus Ministry is the Valley of Decisions, that mean us(BLW CAMEROON) are in the Valley of Decisions. Glorryyyyyyy!! Thank you Very much @Pastor Airen for the wonderful start of something great. #TIECONFERENCE2019 #BLWCAMEROON #CAMPUSMINISTRYROCKS #PASTORAIRENINCAMEROON

CELEBRATING ONE OF OUR BEST: Nomava Vuka, LoveWorldSAT News Correspondent 🌟🤗🌏 Please join us in celebrating one of our best on the LoveWorldSAT team, the radiant Nomava Vuka. We rejoice over you on your milestone as your enter a new year championed by God's Word that illuminates your path to great levels in glory. Thank you for all you in the network. We love you and God bless you.


#celz4, changing the world from Christ embassy Lagos zone 4. We have moved.

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