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Happy Birthday most beloved and highly esteemed Pastor sir. Of the increase of your influence, authority over the nations, impact, wealth, graces there shall be no end. I love you megaly sir.

Happy Birthday most beloved and Happy Birthday most beloved and Happy Birthday most beloved and Happy Birthday most beloved and Happy Birthday most beloved and

Happy Birthday Dear Sister Phoebe. Always so cheerful and graceful. Thank you for your diligence and dedication to the work of the ministry. May your light shine ever so brightly. I love you.

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Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Yinka Ezire Thank you ma for your commitment to the work of the ministry in the Zone and our Loveworld Nation It's a new level for you ma, a 1,000 times greater. We love and appreciate you. From SWZ3 #oasis #swz3 #ceabeokuta #ceakure

T.I.E CONFERENCE CAMEROON - Further levitation! TIE Conference Cameroon has been phenomenal! The young leaders have been remarkably expectant to receive more knowledge and to be further trained, inspired and empowered; Glory to God! Pastor Airen Ekhosuehi, Zonal secretary, BLW UK Zone A taught on “PARTICIPATING IN MINISTRY”. Sharing on our purpose, he read from Colossians 3:1(MSG) “pursuing the things over which Christ presides”. He also spoke on Partnership & participation in Ministry, saying that “when we ask you to give, we are telling you to invest. Giving is an investment for the future. Give today and live tomorrow”. He further said “investment is denying yourself the immediate gratifications or pleasures of today for a long term gain. In this case, an eternal investment”. He stated levels of progression in giving namely: 1. Giving all your resources 2. Giving by acting your faith 3. At this level, it’s not just about your faith, it’s about God in you i.e the Spirit’s ability working through you. He ended the session by saying “Refuse for money to control or intimidate you”! Glory to God!!!! #FireinCameroon #TIECameroon #Blwcampusministryrocks

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Freida. Thank you for many glorious years of service and commitment in ministry. God's grace is multiplied unto you for greater exploits in this year of lights. I love you


Glory to God.....

It's a time of increased knowledge, For increased effectiveness WATCH THIS!! #WECUKwithPastorChris #WECUK2019 #UK2Z4MOST


Happy birthday My Jewel. I have so many reasons to give thanks always even at the slightest thought of you. Thank you for always occupying my heart with your liquid love that gushes out with so much ease; for being my friend like no other. I love you My number 1

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