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#CESAZONE1 #BEFORETHERING SINGLES SEMINAR - THE ESTEEMED ZONAL PASTOR'S MINISTRATION PART 2 THE ROLE of the church in the intention of getting married The Singles Seminar continued as our Zonal Pastor went on to expanciate on the ROLE OF THE CHURCH in marriage... The church is expected to be involved in the processes of getting married. The man should receive appropriate counsel before proposing, likewise the woman before accepting any proposal. It is extremely important that the leadership of the church be involved in this all important step because the Pastor may have certain information that could save either of them from future troubles and even possibly preserve their lives. Pastor counsel is very important. Let the church have a say in the choice of your partner irrespective of how strong your convictions are about this person Some Reasons Why Marriages Fail The fact that one is a Christian doesn't automatically mean that the marriage would work, the same way the fact that one is a Christian does not automatically mean he/she would walk in divine health. Any two Christians can marry IF they understand the word of God. 1. Ignorance of the word of God. The time you have as single person is the time to invest in and know God's word for yourself because when you get married part of your attention for the word would go towards your spouse and your children 2. Behaviour- Marriage is a holy ground and how one behaves just like God told Moses take off your shoes for you are standing on holy ground, How you behave in a marriage is also important. Your behaviour can either sustain your marriage or destroy it. 3. Bad Attitude - It's important to have the mind-set of having a commitment for it work not the mind-set that if there are issues, you jump ship. In recreating your world, pastor talked about the power of positive and negative desires. You don't go into marriage or a relationship with the mind-set of “I just want to try". It's not an experiment. Don't experiment with your life. You can't have such an attitude hoping for it to work. That's why we say, be sure before you go into any relationship. Faith is not a leap in the dark; it's a leap on the word. Before you go into any relationship, be sure, get spiritual guidance. Don't say you want to test and see if it would work. Be honest with the mind-set that I really want this thing to work. One major reason why quite a number of Christians aren't married is because of dishonesty. 4. Not seeking spiritual counsel from your leaders. If you are in a relationship, let you pastor know. some times when there are challenges, it’s because both of you are looking at a situation differently. However, when the Pastor steps in, he would be able to unify your vision. The meeting ended on a glorious note as the Esteemed Zonal Pastor pronounced words on blessings on every one present.


What an awesome weekend it was right??? But Sunday was superlative💃💃💃 So here's what to do as you prepare for the World Evangelism Conference with the man of God, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, from our Most Rev. Tom 1. Prayers. You show you believe in something through your involvement. 2. Participate in mobilization. 3. Participate with your resources. AS ONE MAN...Glorrryyyyy. 4. Have your own personal expectations. Meditate on what the man of God has said concerning this program especially in the promo sent. There will be a Personal impartation of grace. Grace is what you need to do more. 5. Remember that we in the UK & Europe are the hosts. Everything you do must increase the chances of someone having a testimony. 6. Conduct yourself wisely. Be on time. If someone is watching you while at the program, what will they see. After this program what will become of me?... Don't just read this...speak words of what will happen to you after this program. #ceukregion2

The children were not left out as they were Set in the course they must follow through the words of Blessing. #benediction #ceagbor #sevz2

Happy Birthday to Action Saint. Sis Prudence! We re saying we love you God is with you till the end of time we are saying well done! Thank you for all you do in the House of your Father. We love and appreciate you. Many more fruitful years ahead.

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PORT HARCOURT MINISTRY CENTRE HAS TAKEN UP THE CHALLENGE FOR THE MIDDLE EAST REVOLUTION! GLORRYYYYY!!!! Thank you Highly Esteemed Rev Sir and beloved Partners of PH Ministry Centre for beaming the light of God's word into the Middle East! Grace is available for this work!!!

MID-YEAR PARTNERS CONFERENCE EXCITING NEWS! The Zonal Mid Year Partners Conference will be taking place on the 28th July at the CTICC from 3pm- 6pm This is for all Partners and aspiring partners in the Zone. All attendees can register on the link below :  https://forms.gle/ZpM7ZdciAtakSFxY6  God Bless you😊 #cesazone4 #WelcomeToTheFamily #CapeTown

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#SuperFM It is Real!!! Get involved Today!!!

Awesome time to celebrate a general. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR KAYODE ADELEKE. Your tomorrow shall be far more glorious than your former years. I LOVE YOU FOREVER....

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