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These Corpers are irresistible. The glory upon their lives is glowing. Happening now! #EvangelismDay #PSZ #cemaiduguri #NNWZ2

These Corpers are irresistible. The These Corpers are irresistible. The These Corpers are irresistible. The These Corpers are irresistible. The These Corpers are irresistible. The

Gloraaaaay!!!! #PH729 #Blwzonej

I have moooooovvved! I am very grateful to our dear Man of God for the Graduate Network and the Advantage conference Uganda. #LGNrules #TAC2019 #EWCAZ3

#blwzonej #ph729

#blwzonej #ph729

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God is raising you, and there's a standard in your life that is being raised - Pastor Tokunbo Siyanbola #financecongress #celz1rocks #ceagegegrouplz1

Find time and donate blood🤗 #InbetweenWardRounds #Blooddonor #TheLove #TheWord #FortressofZion

2nd Leaders Training @ CE Koroduma Group -July 27, 2019 "CHURCH IS PEOPLE BUSINESS. TREAT PEOPLE LIKE PEOPLE." Esteemed Pastor Uyi Idugboe hosted a captivating interactive training session that covered communication, interpersonal and people management skills for the purpose of delivering the gospel, winning souls, retaining first timers, and growing church with excellence. It was a training that answered burning questions and ignited the passions of the leaders, who will go on from here to win souls with both zeal and understanding. HIGHLIGHTS: 🤝🏻How did Jesus treat Nathaniel? Jesus gave Nathaniel a compliment. 🤝🏻How did Jesus treat Zacchaeus? Jesus dined at his house. 🤝🏻How did Jesus treat the prostitute? Jesus forgave her. 💠Our Lord Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Therefore, until the sinner becomes beautiful in your eyes, you will not go to reach them. 💠Do you want to be a mega soul winner as God has designed you to be? Treat people with respect. 💠Everybody matters. Everybody you have is everybody you need. Be a good manager of resources. 💠Little things make all the difference. When God calls you, he calls you to attend to details. 💠The greatest force in this world is love. That's the weapon Jesus used. 💠Be so excellent that others will admire you and aspire to your aspirations. 💠We will work as One. From the Security to the Pastor, we are focused on one task: CHURCH GROWTH. REFERENCE: 2 Corinthians 2:16 To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. And who is sufficient for these things? Glory to God. #KINGINGwithPastorUyi FOLLOW THIS SUPERUSER ACCOUNT

#blwzonej #ph729

#blwzonej #ph729

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