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The Scripture says the things we see are only temporary, but what we hear, what God speaks to us, that’s permanent. Come hear those words that will make you permanent and relevant in His kingdom. #wec2019withpastorchris #ukzone2

Children of Light : It makes no difference the darkness and problems in the world, you’re the hope and the solution that the world needs. The problems and hardship in the world today are your opportunities to shine and manifest the glory of God. Live with this consciousness every day. Find out more from today's message of the Realities of Realities as you watch "Rhapsody Dailies" now on : #rhapsodydailies #loveworldsat



HBD Dear Bro Mitchel. U r very special, an extraordinary partner, so kind & passionate. Thk u 4 being a blessing in ministry, 4 yr commitments a & responsibilities. “He who begun a good work in u is faithful 2 complete it” & surely “u've moved”. I love u. #ceottawa #canada

If you’re not giving anything away,nothing new is going to come.Whether or not u keep the blessing depends on what u do with the blessing.When you’re always lifting people, encouraging them,making them better,then blessings are always going to come to u. #wec2019withpastorchris

Happy birthday pastor ma

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Celebrating Bro Mitchell! Thank you so much for being a bright burning light, one that will shine as the stars for ever and ever, as one who has turned many to light. Thank you for your Work with the Ottawa/Quebec group. I appreciate you. It's a New level! #BLWCANADA #BLWOTTAWA

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