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ONCE UPON A THURSDAY with Lauren BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN 12 Mother leads me through the dimly lit corridor leading to our single bedroom. Pastor John and Pastor Becca wait with Zoe in the sitting room. All kinds of emotions run through my mind as I do not know what to expect. Father lies still on the small mattress, his form looks smaller from the last time I saw him. With his face to the wall, he does not know who is in the room. "Please pass me a cup of water. My throat seems to be on fire", father says in a raspy voice. A cup of water sits on the chipped table beside the bed, I pick it up and hand it to him. "Here, Father", my voice comes out low and cracked as I try to suppress the wail that forms in my throat. Father turns almost abruptly. He writhes in pain as he adjusts enough to see who it is that speaks. I stare at his bare chest in a bid to avoid our eyes meeting. Strands of grey hair decorate his bony chest. I count his bones with my eyes, my mind drifting to the skeleton that stood in my school Biology lab. "No, it can't...can't be...how...when...", Father stutters endlessly. My chest heaves, my eyes flood with tears like water gushing from a broken dam, my palms are sweaty, perspiration beads my forehead and leaves my underarms moist. A thousand and one thoughts spin through my head and without thinking I scream. "Arrrgghhh!!!" I stare at him, resisting the urge to hit him and storm out of the room furiously. "Fifteen, Father, fifteen! I was only fifteen, I knew nothing. Did you ever care to find out if truly I was raped? Did you bother if I'd survive the crazy world out there? Did you...", my voice cracks. I say a silent prayer of thanks when I realise that my outburst of fury has not stepped into reality, but are only pouring out of my imagination. Father shakes, perhaps from fear, shame, cold or all three. "LOVE IS SHED ABROAD IN YOUR HEART. FORGIVE EVEN AS I HAVE FORGIVEN YOU." "Please, Edidiong, forgive me", Father finds his voice, though it is feeble and low, "I was a fool, I regret all my actions. Mbok, Edidiong. Forgive me." "THIS MAN HURT YOU. HE ROBBED YOU OF A NORMAL CHILDHOOD", a dark voice speaks. "He may have but he was blinded by you, the dark prince of this world". "HIT HIM, CURSE HIM! HE MADE YOU SUFFER!! LET HIM SUFFER TOO!!!", the voice sounds even more nefarious. "HONOUR THY FATHER", a softer voice fills my mind. "I will do as you say, Father". I reply, engulfed with an unexplainable peace. I throw my hands around him, inhaling the pungent smell of drugs that seems to be plastered to his body. "I forgive you Father, with all my heart", my heart seems to be melting, like a heavy lump has been diluted in liquid; God's liquid love, "I love you, Father and I forgive you. Jesus forgave me and I forgive you too." "Jesus!", he exclaims, "your mother did not stop praying and believing that you would return; that Jesus would bring you home. Now that you are home, can you take me home to the arms of this Jesus? What an empty life I lived when..." "Sshh", I put a finger to my lips, "no need for complaints, Father", I say, smiling, "I am here, I'll take you home." ...to be continued. #beautifullybroken #onceuponathursdaywithlauren #AbeokutaMC #yearofLights 🌟

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Glory to Jesus

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اسهر معي ليله، حاول تحس بلوعتي ليله يا ابن الكلب

No Plagues, Epidemics Or Contagion Can Affect Me!. http://ethsch.org/?i=32842

Happy supernatural new month, the month of thanksgiving have come and go but it not over yet because everyday requires Thanksgiving to but in this new month, what are you imagination and expectation for the new month

We give thanks for our extraordinary sponsors charting the course of destinies in India: Pastor Edith Anthony - Ibeneme & CE Gambia, EWCA Zone 5✨🌟📣✨🌟📣✨ Thank you for your labour of love. Your seed and special sponsorship gave us the advantage and moved us to the finish line of the phase 2 LoveWorld Broadcasting Network India Project. We love and appreciate you. God bless you. #loveworldnetworks #loveworldbroadcastingnetwork #lbnindiaproject

The death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ reconciled us to the Father and brought you into oneness and fellowship with Him. Hallelujah! #CEUK2Z4 #CEBRISTOL #WECUKwithPastorChris

We give thanks for our extraordinary sponsors for charting the course of destinies in India: Pastor Chris Teagle & CE Brampton West, Canada ✨🌟📣✨🌟📣✨ Thank you for your labour of love. Your seed and special sponsorship gave us the advantage and moved us to the finish line of the phase 2 LoveWorld Broadcasting Network India Project. We love and appreciate you. God bless you. #loveworldnetworks #loveworldbroadcastingnetwork #lbnindiaproject

I celebrate my Gold hearted sister in Christ, sister shalom I love you and hapi birthday Ma.

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