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Celebrating God’s General: We Thank U For All U Do Thank U Ma, For Your Deep Passion For D Work Of D Ministry We Love You Loads #PP806

Celebrating God’s General: We Thank
Emmanuel Olumide Olubuse


Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon you and establish the works of your hands for you,yes establish the works of hands...with these words I celebrate a champion , a son of consolation to our Man of God - PST CHRIS, a blessing and credit to the ministry of Lord Jesus Christ in the BLW nation, an arrow from the quiver of God sent out to bring many into the kingdom of such I join the host of heaven to celebrate and proclaim His beauty.it is still the morning of your life Mummy, the year is all green for you, goodness and mercy are your ornaments.. Behold it is all Grace, all beauty, all splendour, all glorious ,all good ness for you.I love you Ma and celebrate you uniquely. God bless you even more. 🍇🎂🍒🍾👑.

Dear fresher, we’ve got some tips for you! Register now for the event of the summer!!! #PreparingForUniLife #PFUL2019 http://bit.ly/pful2019

🎓Preparing for Uni Life 🎓A summer event for all freshers!!! Register now!!! #PreparingforUniLife #PFUL2019 http://bit.ly/pful2019

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Pauline Ma! What a personality you are - loving, meticulous, disciplined, a disciplinarian, efficient, accommodating and lots more! Of the increase of grace & beauty in your life, there shall be no end. I love you a great deal Ma.

😍💖💃✨😀❤️🎂🎻🙏😇🎂🎉🍰🍹Happy Happy Blessed Birthday of LIGHTS dearest sis Ninah. Indeed you're radiating the Beauty of the Lord in all areas of your life. Have a super glorious day 😁💃✨🎉❤️🎂 #CEKENYAZONE

*RHAPSODY OF REALITIES DAILY DEVOTIONAL* _Tuesday, 6th August,_ *MINISTER GRACE WITH YOUR WORDS* *Pastor Chris* *Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers (Ephesians 4:29).* _Corrupt communication is communication that’s worthless and unsavoury; unworthy of the Lord. Never allow foul or polluting language, evil, unwholesome talk find vent through you. I made up my mind a long time ago to be gracious and graceful in my communication, to speak the right words only_. _The Bible says sweet and bitter waters don’t come out of the same fountain (James 3:11). Being born again, you’re anointed to bless. Your words should, and must lift and inspire others, not beat them down. Make the decision that only the right words will come out of your mouth, even when you seem to be making a joke. Speak words that are consistent with your nature of righteousness_. _The most effective way to keep your communication gracious at all times is filling your heart and mind with the Word, for out of that abundance, you’ll speak. Give greater attention to the Word, and when the need arises, at the time of crisis and tests, only words of wisdom, solution, blessing and love will come forth from you_. _The Bible says, “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good…for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh” (Luke 6:45). If there’s no foolishness, hatred, bitterness, anger or pride in you, they won’t come out of your mouth_. _Be gracious in your communication. People should enjoy being around you and listening to you, because of your invigorating words of wisdom and grace. Hallelujah!_ *CONFESSION* *My words are filled with grace, and edify my hearers, producing in them the righteousness of God. From the abundance of my heart, I speak life, salvation, health, prosperity and blessings only, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.* *FURTHER STUDY* _Psalm 19:14; Proverbs 8:7-8; Colossians 4:6_ *1 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN=>* Romans 9:1-29 & Psalms 74-77 *2 YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN=>* Luke 13:22-30 & Judges 12 #cekano #nnwz2 #POOA2919 #POOA29 #LUMINARYPOOA29

Join our prayer meetings every evening from 11pm GMT+1! Join via KingsConference! #PFUL2019 #PreparingforUniLife http://bit.ly/pful2019

Join our prayer meetings every evening from 11pm GMT+1! Join via KingsConference! #PFUL2019 #PreparingforUniLife http://bit.ly/pful2019

Glory! Christ Embassy Abuja Zone's Rhapsody Congress #CEAZ #RhapsodyCongress

Dear fresher, we’ve got some tips for you! Register now for the event of the summer!!! #PreparingForUniLife #PFUL2019 http://bit.ly/pful2019

6th August - 31 Days 7 Times Daily Dear Father, thank You for Your Word, which illuminates my path and leads me in the way that I should go. The Holy Spirit lives in me, and He guides and instructs me from within; He leads me in the paths of righteousness, propelling me to do right and fulfil Your will for my life. I live the supernatural life! I’ve got divine health working in every fibre of my being, every cell of my blood, and in every bone of my body! I live the supernatural life, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet! The Word of God, and the Holy Spirit quicken my mortal body through and through, in the Name of Jesus.  I affirm that the Lord is the beauty of my life! He has crowned me with favour, and positioned me by grace for the supernatural life. I rejoice in His infinite grace and boundless love, for He has caused me to dwell in super-abundance! I live triumphantly, every day, enjoying my life, and celebrating the greatness of God in me. Hallelujah! My spirit, soul, and body are under the dominion of the Word, and the influence of God’s Spirit. I am not ordinary; I am a child of God and a joint heir with Christ. I walk in the light, as He is in the light; therefore, there’s no occasion of stumbling in my path. Hallelujah!  The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, for I have a goodly heritage. I am conscious of my glorious heritage in Christ, and through meditation on the Word, and fellowship with the Spirit, I get to know more and enjoy my inheritance in Christ. Hallelujah! Today, I go out with joy, and I am led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills break forth before me in singing and all the trees of the field clap their hands. I function in God’s perfect will for me and have insight into the realities of the Kingdom. Blessed be God. Hallelujah! #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions #31days

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