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Thursday 8th August Teevo Topic: Speak With Maturity To speak the wisdom of God is to speak life and health, based on the revelation on God’s Word. #TeevoTv #TeensMinistry #DailyDevotional #AgentsOfChange

Thursday 8th August Teevo Topic: Thursday 8th August Teevo Topic: Thursday 8th August Teevo Topic: Thursday 8th August Teevo Topic:

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EIGHT THINGS TO DO ON THE EIGHT DAY OF THE EIGHT MONTH IN THE YEAR OF LIGHTS!!! 1. Review your notes taken at the communion service with the Man of God 2. Read and study the Rhapsody of Realities article for today. 3. Study/Watch/listen to the messages- - The Glory in the Word - The Glory of the Word Available in all formats. 4. Visit your Church Resource Centre to order for the messages if you're yet to do so. Or order @ www. pcdl.co 5. Place your order(s) now for the Faith's Proclamations for Kids Vol. 1 featuring CSO. 6. Tell someone about it👆; it's now AVAILABLE! 7. Strategize to sponsor and distribute several copies of this classic Pray-Along material for kids within your catchment and beyond. 8. Keep being BEAUTY-ful😎😍 For more information, kindly do any of the following- - Send us an email on: info@loveworldaudiovisuals.org - Contact your Church Resource Centre. - Call our mobile: +2348173381799 - Send us a message via the comment section and we will revert ASAP!

#worldevangelismwithPastorChris #WEC2019 #ewcaz3

The count down is on... 2 Days Behind every successful Zone is a selfless pastor willing to give himself fully to the flock. Pastor, your ministry has been one of sacrificial love through the years. Thank you for all you do Happy birthday Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye


#backtoschool bit.ly/2SWT2QO

Are you ready #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris

Are you ready #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris

Are you ready #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris

Are you ready #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris

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