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THE PRAYER OF INTERCESSION; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome “But if they be prophets, and if the word of the Lord be with them, let them now make intercession to the Lord of hosts…”(Jeremiah 27:18). There is an intercessory ministry of the Holy Spirit, which He carries out through the believer but there is also the intercessory ministry of the believer, and the two are quite different. The Holy Spirit does carry out His intercessory ministry through us. God may tell you to pray for someone or minister to someone by the leading of His Spirit. You may just be praying about some other things and suddenly the Spirit of God begins to work within you and you find yourself interceding for an individual you never planned to pray for. However, you don't always have to wait for that prompting before you pray for others. Our intercessory ministry as believers requires us to pray for others, without the Holy Spirit necessarily inspiring or prompting us at that moment to pray! It's something you do consciously. When you intercede for others this way and in accordance with the Word, it will be heard by God in just the same way as though the Holy Spirit inspired the words you spoke and carried out that particular ministry through you. There're certain rules guiding intercessory prayer which you must take into cognizance. First is, you must know you're not interceding for yourself. The prayer of intercession is always on behalf of someone else. Secondly, you'll have to be persistent about whatever it is you're interceding for. This is because you're trying to prevail on someone else to align with God's will. In the prayer of intercession, you're concentrating the influence of God's power toward others for their good, and that requires some persistence in prayer. Not only must you be persistent, you must also continue in prayer for as long as it takes for it to work. In the prayer of intercession, you don't stop praying until you get that note of victory in your spirit and are certain that you have what you asked for. Remember to join the Global Prayer Network on PastorChrisLive by 10pm (GMT+1) for an intercessory prayer session. God bless you. #cephzone1 #Thehappychurch #21DaysPnF



Glory to God!

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LIVE UPDATE FROM THE WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE 2019. Talk Show Segment on PastorChrisLive. Pastors and Delegates are given the benefits of the participation in the largest Global Prayer Network with over 50m prayer partners! A moment of intense intercessory prayers was held during the talkshow, Glory to God! #warriministrycentre #wec2019 #worldevangelismconference

Jesus, Jesus there is none other name.. #CeAccraGhanaZone #RoghaRhapathon2019 #WEC2019

THE 2019 HEALING SCHOOL SUMMER SESSION WITH PASTOR CHRIS IN CANADA HAS COMMENCED! Everyone who has come with hope and a desire will have their expectations exceeded.Your prayers and giving will add beauty and joy unspeakable to their lives. Visit: https://ethsch.org/D8

Leaders Summit at #ceisoloyouthchurch. Be focused on focus,and focus will focus on you!! #celagoszone2 #lwteensministry #loveworldreadingchallenge

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻It’s THE D-DAY👌.... 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Thank you esteemed Evang.Dr Eddy Owase sir for answering the call to Gift Free copies of the Epic THE FOURTH MAN on PCDL to Ministers @ ongoing World Evangelism Conference 🇬🇧 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 You too can take action today and answer to the call by dialing +234 902 718 4479 or +234816 735 0565 today ...also See ecard info 👇👇👇to take action #giftafreecopyofTHE4THMANonPCDL #giftamessageinitiativeonpcdl #everyministera4thman@wecuk

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#WEC2019 Updates 🔥🔥🔥 The Arrival of Renowned Evangelist, Morris Cerullo for the World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn. Praise God forevermore! #worldevangelismwithPastorChris #CEPHZONE3

#wmc #cewarriministrycentre #cejedddo #ceosubigroup #rhapsodyofrealities #ror #pastorchrislive #iamalive

Happy birthday pastor Austin Nawei... You have impacted us so much... we love you so nuch... Count up #P811 #midwestzone #textilemillgroup #ceglee

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