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Impactful, power packed, inspiring, encouraging and uplifting service @ #cebramptonwest. I pay attention to his word like never before. It unveils to me my inheritance. Thank you Pastor Sir for nourishing our spirits. #cecanada

Impactful, power packed, inspiring, encouraging Impactful, power packed, inspiring, encouraging

You don't politely send a thief out of your are bold to kick him out. Same way be bold with the word. Meditate on it. Pay attention to the word. Get an understanding from the word and speak/use the word becos life is spiritual. #cebramptonwest #cecanada

Happy birthday to you dear pastor Solayinka. My dear aburo. Always joyful; always helpful. You are set apart for glory strength and peace. Thank you for always ministering same and always following our Man of God. Happy birthday

Don't use a Samsung manual for a Sony product. Use the right manual (the bible for your life) Google shouldn't be your life manual. Let the word be your reference. Keep your hearth with ALL deligent for out of it are the issues of life. #cecanada #cebramptonwest


Fear not, build your faith with the word. Always position yourself to hear God's word. My son attain to my words, incline your ears to my saying... They are life and health. Go to your manual at all times #cecanada


Loaded service at #cebramptonwest Baby dedication segment. Baby Jeremiah King Martin is blessed: he grow up in the way of the Lord and he will influence his world for the gospel IJN. Amen.

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Reach out Jamaica Campaign with the Rhapsody of Realities #lagoszone2 #reachoutjamaica

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