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Special happy birthday dear Sis Jackie. Only glorious things are spoken of you. The Lord has favored you in all things and you shall never be small. It is your month of beauty and the Lord is shining forth thru you. I love you dearly. #cecanada #cebramptonwest

Special happy birthday dear Sis


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Its New Its Inspiring It'll stir such Faith in your heart as you relieve the healing testimonies of people who testify of the Miracle working power of God in meetings with our man of God Pastor Chris Showing on LoveWorld TV UK tonight by 12am Gmt+1 and on other LoveWorld Networks

https://www.kingsch.at/p/UWFRT2F Showing 12am... #HealingIsForYou

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Oh, zangledosh! We're counting minutes to the birthday of our Highly Esteemed Pastor...We love you plenty* ma!!! #ValiantPSY #DynamicPSY #1000SoulsWithPSY

It's all about.... #ValiantPSY #DynamicPSY #1000SoulsWithPSY

Happy Birthday Dear 'Apostle'😃 Thank you for all you do in the choir I love you dearly❤

#whereGodlives #cesapele #IYD2019 #NSSZONE1

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