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My number one cheerleader!!! Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor ma! You are a unique gift sent to the body of Christ, to our Ministry in particular. You are a rare gem! Thank you ma, for all you do for our Ministry and being a loving mum to many of us. God bless you immensely. 🌸🌹😘

My number one cheerleader!!! Happy


Thanks @winnieezeani



Thank😊 you Pastor Folu for your kind words

Proud Mum™


Happy birthday Pastor ma.

Church Growth International celebrates the birthday of the highly esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi, Director of Church Growth International, with a special dinner in the United Kingdom. It was a time of testimonies, Inspiration and Prophesy. #pla #cgi #cz1rocks.

Celebration of a great teacher. #r815 #revtom #celebratingrevtom #ceamc


The first time I heard the word 'TERRACE' was from the highly Esteemed #dynamicpsy during a ministry program. I admired #valiantpsy that very day as she announced the various sitting area for everyone present at the auditorium.I 😍 you sweetly pastor ma.

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Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you so much Sir for all the trainings when you were in Kenya. I love you Sir.

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I'm new here. Still figuring out how it works.

Happy birthday to our Father the most Rev Tom we celebrate you sir #R815 #CELEBRATINGREVTOM #CEAMC #WELOVEYOUSIR #EDEYWORK


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